soldering station

UL-230GCS soldering station

1. High frequency eddy current heating technology, heating back to the rapid temperature.
2. LCD with backlight, double temperature display design.
3. Built-in intelligent temperature compensation system, precise and stable temperature.
4. Heater, sensor, welding nozzle separate design, low cost.
5. Digital temperature adjustment, convenient and fast. Password lock temperature function to ensure welding process.
6. High power design, with extremely high thermal capacity, the real implementation of lead-free welding operation.
7. Built-in multi function keys to achieve precision tin delivery, to ensure accurate and stable tin.
8. Tin exit speed, time, interval can be adjusted Section, and can adjust the function of tin return, so that the solder effect is more stable.
9. Built-in tin plug alarm function, can minimize the generation of undesirable products.
10. Built-in temperature monitoring alarm function to ensure welding process.
11. Can be online with the computer, real-time monitoring temperature changes.





Output Voltage

100~240V AC

Temperature range


Dormant time range

0~99 min

Shutdown time range

0~99 min

Temperature stability (no load)


Outside material


Outside dimension


Weight (power line)


Tin plugging alarm

Press 0 means no alarm 1 means block an alarm, and so on

Type of soldering tip

ULUO 230G series soldering tip

Tin return length

0~4.5 mm (Press 0 to indicate no return of tin)