soldering station

Ul-230G soldering station

 1.Fast heating and rapid thermal recovery, suitable for lead free soldering.
2.Large LCD with the display of two temperatures;Set temperature only by pressing keys;Calibrate temperature digitally and easily.
3.Separate design of soldering tip,sensor and heater.Low cost of replacing spare parts.
4.Digital temperature calibration,easy operation.
5.Temperature lock function is available,to ensure soldering process.
6.230W power design,various types of soldering tips available. 
7.Timely delivery.


brand ULUO
model UL-230G
power 230w
output voltage AC36W,400KHZ
temperature range 50℃~600℃
tip to ground resistance <2Ω
tip to ground potential <2mv
temperature stability(no load) ±2℃
outside dimension 200(L)*110(W)*200(H)mm
outside material ESD design,aluminium material,stable useful
weigh 5.0KG