Automatic soldering machine

Five-axis two-station soldering machine

Teach programming by hand
High frequency temperature heating controller, a variety of power can be selected
Solder emitting controller with alarm
Double channel temperature controller, double head tin carrier, multiple heating modules
High frequency robot soldering tips, 911G/230G/300W series
641 double heads or other special specification can be customized

Product features
1. Flexible and diverse soldering methods, with spot welding, drag-welding (drag-welding) and other functions.
2, the equipment can store 99 operating procedures, the same machine can be different 99 products solder processing.
3, solder shake function, turn on this function during welding can make welding faster, especially effective for large solder joints.
4. The solder spot track can be seen, which is convenient for the operator to understand the solder progress and engineers to debug.
5. The mechanical arm of the equipment is made of aluminum profile, which is free from deformation, rust and stable operation.
6. The device can copy the working program from point to point block to block, which can shorten the programming time and is easy to learn.
7. The equipment has the function of automatic cleaning, which can stabilize the quality of soldering and prolong the service life of soldering tip to a certain extent.
8. Multi-axis linkage manipulator, all driven by precision stepping motor and advanced motion control algorithm, effectively improves motion positioning accuracy and repetition accuracy.
Range of application
1. Semiconductor products :LSI. IC. Temperature combination IC. CSP. BGA, etc.
2. Optical products: first class cameras.
3 country of origin, the main current small switch by the capacity can be safely used by strong water ico industry "motor, transformer, etc..TV game set radio washing machine vacuum cleaner call,
4.General performance home appliances: DVD, audio equipment, automotive navigation systems, personal computers like cameras, electronic clocks and watches, PDA photocopying calculators, liquid crystal TV. Medical devices 5, precision machinery/electrical products :VTR.
5.General consumer goods: typewriters, toys, Musical Instruments, CDS, batteries, etc.