Automatic soldering machine

With computer version of automatic soldering machine

Functional features

1、Novel appearance of the machine, the main body using special surface treatment, beautiful and generous 

2、New lean design, the same size brings greater effective travel. 

3、Based on the Windows operating system development of user software, more consistent with the user's operating habits. 

4、Real digital program, modify parameters directly input, the same tin point once change, insert point delete point a key operation. 

5、12 "hd touch screen interface, dynamic display of running track;Make your soldering process more intuitive. 

6、Can start tin feeding at any time, fully meet various soldering technology and improve machine efficiency, authority management mode, prevent operators from modifying parameters by mistake.
Solder joint type parameters flexible switching, 

7、solder joint running speed can be set independently, do not affect each other.With the function of correction, the position deviation generated after the re-positioning of the mold can be corrected 

8、The compensation point can be calculated automatically and can be compensated in any direction.
Support array mode, direct and short programming time, improve production efficiency,
File name can be freely created, copied, deleted and support English, numeric, character mixture
Standard hand held teaching device, programming is not limited by the screen, unlimited intelligence

9、Select 4G module, free lifetime remote upgrade.

10、High power high frequency heater with 350W, fast temperature return, ensure minimum temperature change during soldering. 

11、Soldering can be started from any point, or separately soldering any point, no need to start welding from scratch.


Computer version of the standard intelligent solder machine
Number of equipment shaft
4 axis +1 tin feed /5 axis +1 tin feed
Device stroke (X*Y*Z*R)mm
350*350*100*340° 500*350*100*340°
Operating speed (X/Y/Z/R)
X/Y/Z:500mm/s R:180°/s
Repeated positioning accuracy
Equipment load
Program recording capability
Display mode
12 "LCD display
Mode of operation
Touch screen + handheld teaching device
The motor system
Stepper motor/closed-loop stepper motor/servo motor
Temperature range
Tin system
Independent drive + stepper motor
Minimum length of tin feed
Applicable tin wire range
0.6 ~ 1.6mm (other specifications can be customized)
Input power
220V AC/50HZ
Air pressure
0.4 ~ 0.8mpa, clean and dry
Work environment
0 ~ 40℃, humidity 20% ~ 95% (no condensation)
Machine size mm
Machine weight