Automatic soldering machine

Automatic Soldering Machine with Smoke Filter System

1. Double Y Automatic Soldering Machine.
 2. Handheld industrial programming.
 3. High frequency temperature heating controller, multi power functions can be available.
 4. With tin controller of alarm.
 5. Special soldering tips for robot, easy to change.
 6. 911/911G/230G/300W series soldering tips can be available.
 7. Regular Size: 441/441R, 5331/5331R, 5441/5441R, 6441/6441R can be availlable.

 Route            X                         500
           Y1                         400
           Y2                         400
            Z                         100MM
            R                          340
 Speed        X-Y-Z-R                 5-600mm/sec
 Repeatability        X-Y-Z-R                   0.0.1mm
 Load     Work Load                            6KG
      Tool Load                            3KG
Dimensions                 720*670*820