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How to judge the quality of unleaded iron head

Now the market a lot of lead-free tip, each manufacturer's production process is different, there is this great difference in the quality, how to judge the quality of a lead-free tip, I believe a lot of people ask, how in fact from a finished product judging from the surface is not apparent, I summed up what that can come from several aspects of the preliminary identification, are really going to understand the quality of life or from the other to determine. About judgment for reference only:

1, the size, the accuracy is not necessarily as high as possible, you need to be concerned about the number of critical dimensions, installation size, head size to use

2, the shape, the color does not need to consider the shape of the tube what he black, bright, white, color-plated surface tip is to two basic functions: anti-rust and anti-climb tin, no matter what color, most certainly surface chromium, chromium, tin is nothing to prevent the climb

3, pinhole, the tip of the head to be a closer look, there are no pinholes, and if so, this tip is definitely not a good thing

4, in the hole, the hole has a tip, try to smooth inner surface

5, destruction, this is a method of determining the most intuitive, the head fell open with a file, you want to look inside the grassroots must be copper, iron layer should be thick, but not too thick, the thickness of between 0.8 and 1.1 mm for the top grade

6, lead-free, lead-free tip if it is, the head may not be pre-tin look good, because pure tin mobility is not strong, looks a little a bit dark, if the head of the pre-tin too bright too beautiful, whether the guarantee should carefully discuss the issue of lead-free, generally used with a SGS report.

In summary, the use of lead-free tip, the choice is very important. How to choose the real cost of unleaded good tip? Appearance alone is not enough to judge the performance, the best way is to be a sample directly in the production line to do comparative trial.